A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Church on Fire

Church on Fire

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Church on Fire
Australian reports and testimonies, 176 pages. (1991, 2010)

Reports and testimonies from leaders in most denominations, describing renewal in Australian churches in the late twentieth century, including two chapters on revival among Australian Aborigines.

“In Australia, the Spirit of God is a work,
renewing, refreshing, invigorating, disturbing…
Church on Fire is the story of that spiritual renewal.
People from many Christian traditions share their experiences, their enthusiasm and their conviction that the Spirit is at work in the chuches, renewing them with life and growth, and calling them to faithful witness in today’s world.”

~ Joint Board of Christian Education, Melbourne

Contents:[Chapters in Bold type are links to Blogs]

Introduction: Renewal

Aboriginal Revival
1. Pentecost in Arnhem Land – Dr Djiniyini Gondarra (Uniting)
2. Fire of God among Aborigines – Rev John Blacket (Uniting)

Personal Renewal
3. Pilgrimage in renewal – Bishop/Brother John-Charles Vockler (Anglican)
4. A testimony of renewal – Bishop Owen Dowling (Anglican)
5. The disquieting presence of the Spirit – Dr Charles Ringma (AOG)
6. A different view – Dr Dorothy Harris (Baptist)
7. Ingredients for unity – Rev Gregory Blaxland (Anglican)
8. New dimensions – Rev David Todd (Presbyterian)
9. Renewal in the Holy Spirit – Dr Barry Manuel (Baptist)
10. Love song – Rev Ruth Lord (Uniting)

Church Renewal: examples
11. Renewal in a country parish – Rev Barry Schofield (Anglican)
12. Renewal in a diocese – Bishop John Lewis (Anglican)
13. Renewal in a city prayer meeting – Fr Vincent Hobbs (Catholic)
14. Renewal in a regional centre – Pastors Brian Francis; David Blackmore (Churches of Christ)
15. Renewal in a small assembly – Elder Bob Dakers (Brethren)
16. Renewal in a large congregation – Dr Geoff Waugh (Baptist)

Church Renewal: observations
17. Building with God – Dr Barry Chant (Christian Revival Crusade)
18. The cost of renewal – Bishop Hamish Jamieson (Anglican)
19. Charismatic renewal in the Roman Catholic Church – Fr Tom White (Catholic)
20. An Orthodox comment on renewal – Fr Lazarus Moore (Orthodox)
21. A Lutheran perspective – Glen Heidenreich (Lutheran)
22. Charismatic renewal: myths and realities – Dr Rowland Croucher (Baptist)
23. Charismatic renewal: pastoral issues – Rev Arthur Jackson (Uniting)
24. Ministering in renewal – Rev Don Drury (Uniting)
25. God’s new work – Rev Don Evans (Uniting)
26. Future directions for charismatic renewal – Dr Peter Moonie (Uniting)
27. Get your surfboard ready – Rev Dan Armstrong (Uniting)

Conclusion: Revival

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