A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

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from the book

Hello.  My name is Ethan.

I hope you like my stories.

I told Grandpa my stories when I was three and four.

Grandpa typed my stories for me on the computer. 

He helped me type some of my stories.

The stories are about helping each other.

Grandpa wrote this part of my book.


The Pineapple that was suck

The Farmer

The Farmer’s Birthday

Mary and the Cat Lost their Hat

Mary and the Cat didn’t Lose their Hat

The Cat got Lost in the Garden

Mary and the Mouse went to Find their Cat

The Girl and the Boy


 I found these letters and numbers on the keyboard.

A   B   C   D   E

F   G   H   I    J

K   L   M N   O

P   Q   R   S   T

U   V   W X   Y   Z

1   2   3   4   5

6   7   8   9   0



At the computer


Pineapple Story – original

The Pineapple
that was Stuck

There was a pineapple that was stuck in the mud.

Can somebody help me to get it out?


Excuse me Mr Clown, can you help me pull the pineapple out?

Yes I will Nick.


Hello Humpty Dumpty.

Can you help us pull the pineapple out?

Yes I can Nick and Mr Clown.


So they pulled and pulled and they couldn’t get it out.   …

[Ethan posed the problem then worked it out at 3 years old]

Feeding a kangaroo



Ethan the builder

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