A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival


Renewal Journal 12: Harvest


The Spirit told us what to do, by Carl Lawrence
Argentine Revival, by Guido Kuwas
Baltimore Revival, by Elizabeth Moll Stalcup
Smithton Revival, by Joel Kilpatrick

Mobile Revival, by Joel Kilpatrick
Australian Reports – Aboriginal Revivals
Global Reports
Book Review: 2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity, by Eddie Hyatt


White for Harvest

This issue of the Renewal Journal focuses on a little of the enormous harvest currently being reaped around the world.  Much of this harvest is being reaped at great cost in personal sacrifice and even martyrdom.  Often, the most faith-filled and faithful church is the church suffering persecution, precisely because of the persecution.

We live in a time of harvest.  The fields are white, ready for harvest.  One aspect of this growing harvest is the increase of revival around the world.  Revival has many expressions, and varies from culture to culture.  The constant elements of revival, however, remain the same everywhere, as summarised in 2 Chronicles 7:14 – God’s people getting humble, praying, seeking God, repenting, and God moving in grace, forgiveness and power, bringing multitudes into his kingdom and healing brokenness in people’s lives and in the community.  God can do in a moment what we can never do with all effort.

As we look on the harvest we can all participate in vital ways:

We can ask God for a great harvest as we pray.  Often.  Alone.  Together.

We can believe God.  He is able to do far more than anything we can ask or even think about.

We can commit our way to God who is the Lord of the harvest.

This issue of the Renewal Journal is full of stories of the current harvest.

Two teenage girls in China saw astounding results in two years which they recount in their testimony “The Spirit told us what to do.”

The Argentine Revival continues to reap untold thousands right now.

Local churches continue to experience visitations of God in increasing numbers, especially where they humble themselves and pray and seek God together and with others.  Toronto in Canada, Brompton in London, Sunderland in England, and Pensacola in Florida became well known sparks for global revivals.  Thousands have been converted there, and tens or hundreds of thousands filled with the Spirit in new ways, igniting new ministries.  Places such as Baltimore, Smithton and Mobile reported similar revivals with lasting impacts of the Spirit of God.

Australian reports include stirrings of revival in the Kimberleys, and in the national expressions of reconciliation with Aborigines and the British.  Accounts of individual churches experiencing a fresh move of God continue, as with Christian Life Centre at Mt Annan.

Global reports continue to tell of the mighty works of God.  As he promised, he is pouring out his Spirit on all people.  Much of that is very different from our traditional forms of western Christianity!  It challenges us to rethink what we do.  Essentials are the biblical patterns.  Non-essentials include our structures, denominations, buildings, musical preferences, orders of service, and culture Christianity.  The church in many countries now looks and sounds rather like the New Testament church, persecution and all, empowered by the Spirit, with regular conversions, healing and signs and wonders.

We need to do what Jesus commanded us to do – to pray that the Lord of the harvest will send out workers into his great harvest.  You can pray.  We never know how God may answer that prayer – including answering it in and through us!

(c) Renewal Journal 12: Harvest, 1998, 2011.

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