A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Renewal Journals Bound volumes:

Volume 1, Issues 1-5

Volume 1, Issues 1-5: available as a printed book, and on Kindle
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Vol 1: Nos. 1-5
Renewal Journal Vol1, Nos 1-5 Vol 2: Nos 6-10

Renewal Journals Vol 2, Nos  6-10 Vol 3: Nos 11-15
RJ  11-15 1Vol 4: Nos 16-20
Renewal Journals Vol 4, Nos  16-20



Contents of Volume 1: Issues 1-5

 1: Revival

Praying the Price, by Stuart Robinson
Prayer and Revival, by J Edwin Orr
Pentecost in Arnhem Land, by Djiniyini Gondarra
Power from on High: The Moravian Revival, by John Greenfield
Revival Fire, by Geoff Waugh
  Prayer: Key to Revival, by David Yonggi Cho: Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, by Burgess and McGee; Experiences of the Spirit, by Jan Jongenell, ed.; Pentecost, Mission and Ecumenism: Essays on Intercultural Theology. Festschrift in Honour of Professor Walter J. Hollenweger, Jan Jongeneel, ed.; Church on Fire, Geoff Waugh, ed.; YWAM Videos/DVDs.

2: Church Growth

Church Growth through Prayer, by Andrew Evans
Growing a Church in the Spirit’s Power, by Jack Frewen-Lord
Evangelism brings Renewal, by Cindy Pattishall-Baker
New Life for an Older Church, by Dean Brookes
Renewal Leadership, by John McElroy

Reflections on Renewal, by Ralph Wicks
Local Revivals in Australia, by Stuart Piggin

Asia’s Maturing Church, by David Wang
Astounding Church Growth, by Geoff Waugh

Book Reviews:
 –Heart of Fire by Barry Chant; The Spirit in the Church by Adrian Commadeur; Streams of Renewal by Robert Bruce (ed); Word and Spirit by Alison Sherington; Living in the Spirit by Geoff Waugh; Reviews of the Renewal Journal by Lewis Born and James Haire

3: Community

RJ 03 Community 1Lower the Drawbridge, by Charles Ringma
Called to Community, by D Mathieson & Tim McCowan
Covenant Community, by Shayne Bennett
The Spirit in the Church, by Adrian Commadeur
House Churches, by Ian Freestone
Church in the Home, by Spencer Colliver

The Home Church, by Colin Warren
China’s House Churches, by Barbara Nield

Renewal in a College Community, by Brian Edga
Spirit Wave, by Darren Trinder
ReviewsBook & DVD Review: Viva Christo Rey!

4: Healing

RJ 04 Healing 1Missionary Translator and Doctor, by David Lithgow
My Learning Curve on Healing, by Jim Holbeck
Spiritual Healing, by John Blacker

Deliverance and Freedom, by Colin Warren
Christian Wholeness Counselling, by John Warlow
A Healing Community, by Spencer Colliver
Divine Healing & Church Growth, by Donald McGavran
Sounds of Revival, by Sue Armstrong
Revival Fire at Wuddina, by Trevor Faggotter
Book ReviewsHealing by Francis MacNutt; Power Healing by John Wimber & Kevin Springer; Healing through Deliverance by Peter Horrobin; Healing in the Now by John Blacker; All Together in One Place by Harold Hunter & Peter Hocken (eds)

5: Signs and Wonders

Words, Signs and Deeds, by Brian Hathaway
Uproar in the Church, by Derek Prince

A Season of New Beginnings, by John Wimber
Preparing for Revival Fire, by Jerry Steingard
How to Minister Like Jesus, by Bart Doornweerd
Renewal Blessings, Reflections from England
Renewal Blessings, Reflections from Australia
ReviewsComment on books by John White, John Wimber, Charles Kraft, and on a World Vision Video/DVD

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