A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Renewal Journals, Volume 3

Volume 3: Issues 11-15

RJ Vol 3 (11-15) 11  Discipleship

12  Harvest

13  Ministry

14  Anointing

15  Wineskins

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Contents of Volume 3:

11: Discipleship

Transforming Revivals, by Geoff Waugh
Standing in the Rain, by Brian Medway

Amazed by Miracles,by Rodney Howard-Brown

A Touch of Glory, by Lindell Cooley
The ‘Diana Prophecy’, by Robert McQuillan
Mentoring,by Peter Earle
Can the Leopard Change his Spots? by Charles Taylor
The Gathering of the Nations, by Paula Sandford
Book Review
Taking our Cities for God, by John Dawson


12: Harvest

12 HarvestThe Spirit told us what to do, by Carl Lawrence
Argentine Revival, by Guido Kuwas
Baltimore Revival, by Elizabeth Moll Stalcup
Smithton Revival, by Joel Kilpatrick

Mobile Revival, by Joel Kilpatrick
Australian Reports – Aboriginal Revivals
Global Reports
Book Review: 2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity, by Eddie Hyatt


13: Ministry

Renewal Journal 13: MinistryPentecostalism’s Global Language, by Walter Hollenweger
Interview with Steven Hill, by Steve Beard
Revival in Mexico City, by Kevin Pate
Revival in Nepal, by Raju Sundras
Beyond Prophesying, by Mike Bickle
The Rise and Rise of the Apostles, by Phil Marshall
Evangelical Heroes Speak, by Richard Riss
Primacy of Love, by Heidi Baker
Spirit Impacts in Revivals, by Geoff Waugh
Book Reviews:  Fire in the Outback, by John Blacket;  The Making of a Leader, by J R Clinton


14: Anointing

Renewal Journal 14: AnointingA Greater Anointing, by Benny Hinn
Myths about Jonathan Edwards, by Barry Chant

Revivals into 2000, by Geoff Waugh
Book Reviews
The Holiness-Pentecostal Tradition by Vinson Synan
The God Chasers
, by Tommy Tenny
Primary Purpose, by Ted Haggard


15: Wineskins

The God Chasers, by Tommy Tenny
The New Apostolic Reformation, by C. Peter Wagner
The New Believers, by Diana Bagnall (The Bulletin)
Vision and Strategy for Church Growth, by Lawrence Khong
New Wineskins for Pentecostal Studies, by Sam Hey
New Wineskins to Develop Ministry, by Geoff Waugh
Book and DVD Reviews:
Pentecostalism, by Walter Hollenweger
The Transforming Power of Revival, by Harold Caballeros and Mell Winger
Transformations 1 and 2 DVDs (The Sentinel Group)


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