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Kingdom Life in Matthew

Kingdom Life in Matthew

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Kingdom Life in Matthew

Relational Bible studies on every Gospel reading for the year of Matthew in the Common Lectionary (Year A).

Part I, The life and ministry of Jesus: Preparation – the coming of Jesus the Messiah, Commencement – the figure of Jesus the Messiah, Christ’s design for life in God’s kingdom, The spread of God’s kingdom, The mystery of God’s kingdom, God’s kingdom on earth and the church, Authority and invitation, God’s kingdom fulfilled.

Part II, The death and resurrection of Jesus: Preparation for the passion of Jesus, Resurrection appearances of Jesus, Observations about Jesus, The coming of the Holy Spirit, The Godhead.

Kingdom Life in Matthew



Preparation: The coming of Jesus the Messiah

  1. The coming of the Lord                   Matthew 24:36-44
  2. John the Baptist                               Matthew 3:1-12
  3. The Messiah                                    Matthew 11:2-11
  4. Mary’s Son                                       Matthew 1:18-25
  5. Infancy and childhood of Jesus       Matthew 2:13-23
  6. Reflections on the birth of Jesus     John 1:1-18

Commencement: The figure of Jesus the Messiah

  1. The baptism of Jesus                     Matthew 3:13-17
  2. The witness of John the Baptist     John 1:29-34

Christ’s design for life in God’s kingdom


  1. The call of the first disciples         Matthew 4:12-23


  1. The sermon on the mount (1)       Matthew 5:1-12
  2. The sermon on the mount (2)       Matthew 5:13-16
  3. The sermon on the mount (3)       Matthew 5:17-26
  4. The sermon on the mount (4)       Matthew 5:27-37
  5. The sermon on the mount (5)       Matthew 5:38-48
  6. The sermon on the mount (6)       Matthew 7:21-29

The spread of God’s kingdom  


  1. The call of Levi                       Matthew 9:9-13


  1. The mission sermon (1)               Matthew 9:35-10:8
  2. The mission sermon (2)               Matthew 10:24-33
  3. The mission sermon (3)               Matthew 10:34-42

The mystery of God’s kingdom  


  1. The revelation to the simple         Matthew 11:25-30


  1. The parable sermon (1)                 Matthew 13:1-23
  2. The parable sermon (2)                 Matthew 13:24-43
  3. The parable sermon (3)                 Matthew 13:44-52

God’s Kingdom on earth and the Church  


  1. The feeding of the five thousand Matthew 14:13-21
  2. Jesus walks on the water               Matthew 14:22-33
  3. The Canaanite woman                   Matthew 15:21-28
  4. Peter’s confession                         Matthew 16:13-20
  5. Discipleship                                   Matthew 16:21-28


  1. The community sermon (1)           Matthew 18:15-20
  2. The community sermon (2)           Matthew 18:21-35

Authority and invitation: the ministry ends  


  1. The parable of the labourers           Matthew 20:1-16
  2. The parable of the two sons           Matthew 21:28-32
  3. The parable of the tenants              Matthew 21:33-43
  4. The parable of the marriage feast  Matthew 22:1-14
  5. Paying tribute to Caesar                 Matthew 22:15-22
  6. The greatest commandment          Matthew 22:34-46
  7. Hypocrisy and ambition                  Matthew 23:1-12


  1. The final sermon (1)                   Matthew 25:1-13
  2. The final sermon (2)                   Matthew 25:14-30

Conclusion: God’s kingdom fulfilled

  1. Christ the King                         Matthew 25:31-46


Preparation for the passion of Jesus

  1. The transfiguration                          Matthew 17:1-9
  2. The temptations                              Matthew 4:1-11
  3. The meaning of the cross               John 3:1-17
  4. Signs of the resurrection (1)           John 4:5-42
  5. Signs of the resurrection (2)           John 9:1-41
  6. Signs of the resurrection (3)           John 11:1-45
  7. Palm Sunday & Crucifixion             Matthew 21:1-11; 26:14-27:66

Resurrection appearances of Jesus

  1. The empty tomb                            John 20:1-18
  2. The leaders react                          John 20:19-31
  3. The Emmaus road                        Luke 24:13-35

Observations about Jesus

  1. Jesus the Good Shepherd             John 10:1-10
  2. Jesus the way, truth and life           John 14:1-14
  3. Jesus present among his people   John 14:15-21
  4. Jesus prays for his people             John 17:1-11

The coming of the Holy Spirit

  1. The day of Pentecost                   John 20:19-23;

John 7:37-39

Conclusion: The Godhead

  1. The Trinity                             Matthew 28:16-20

Appendix 1: Studies arranged according to lectionary readings

Appendix 2: Studies arranged according to gospel readings

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