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Simon Mclean train sation

Kingdom selfies!

This is Mary and John. While waiting at a busy train station after dismissing a group of school kids I had taken on an excursion, I saw a few people with a stall set up handing out flyers. I immediately felt ‘lower right back pain’ for an Asian lady there and asked her if she had any pain. She didn’t but she took me over to an older man, John, who was with her. John had some minor lower back pain and a blocked left ear. He experienced only a small measure of healing in his back after a few times praying and to be honest, I was a bit discouraged and was about walk back to my car after that.

Mary then came over again and I asked Her if she had any pain at all, which she did in her upper back/neck region. I began to pray for her and began to see a picture of her as a little girl playing in a yard with her younger sister. I began to ask questions to see if this meant anything to her and it was spot on. As I continued praying over her, she tangibly could feel the presence of God and when we finished, her back was completely healed!

After a short time of sharing about my experiences with Jesus, she told me her knees were in a lot of pain also. After praying three times, all the pain left and she was able to bend down fully. She had pain in both of these areas for over 2 years!

Just before I was about to go, she told me that when she took a breath, there was a lot of pressure around her chest and mid back area. After praying twice this all left as well!

This is what’s available for anyone who is willing to take a risk, even if you get wrong the first time. What was awesome about this experience is that over a hundred people were walking by watching as well, many of them school aged kids.

Source: Simon Mclean
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