A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Blogs Index 3: Miracles

Blogs Index 3: MIRACLES

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Jesus the Model for Short Term
Supernatural Mission

A Jesus the Model Globe




Recent Miracle Blogs

All Renewal Journal Blogs are amazing accounts of God’s actions, but these are very surprising.

Alec-Rex-350x251Adelaide man’s near-death miracle

woman Muslim woman returns from the dead to tell about Jesus


AIDS God saves and heals including HIV

DimuthMiracle Baby

1Dreams Amid Persecution
He woke to find a blanket on him –
there had been none in the cell


Imam hated Christians
until Jesus raised him from the dead

Sol IsSolomon Islands:
Hostile tribe’s chief died and met Jesus
by Dick Eastman
Ch 2: Mountains of Mystery

More Miracle Blogs

Last Reformation The Last Reformation – movies


Mama Luka“Before they call I will answer”
Helen Roseveare in Africa
4Modern Day Daniel


Baby China: Life-changing Miracle

duststormGod protects new believers


A Jesus the Model Globe The Disciples’ Mission and Ministry

Chapter 2 of Jesus the Model for

Short Term Supernatural Mission



Healing Blogs



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