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Revival Quotes

Biblical Background

Pentecost to the Reformation

Great Awakenings

Specific Revivals:

1. Eighteenth Century Revivals: Great Awakening & Evangelical Revivals
1727 – August: Herrnhut, Saxony (Nicholas Zinzendorf)
1735 – January: New England, North America (Jonathan Edwards)
1739 – January: London, England (John Wesley, George Whitefield)
1745 – August: Crossweeksung, North America (David Brainerd)
1781 – December: Cornwall, England

2. Early Nineteenth Century Revivals: Frontier and Missionary Revivals
1800 – June-July: Red and Gasper Rivers, North America (James McGready)
1801 – August: Cane Ridge, North America (Barton Stone)
1821 – October: Adams, America (Charles Finney)

3. Mid-nineteenth Century Revivals: Prayer Revivals
1857 – October: Hamilton, Canada (Phoebe Palmer)
1857 – October: New York, North America (Jeremiah Lanphier)
1859 – March: Ulster, Ireland (James McQuilkin)
1859 – May: Natal, South Africa (Zulus)
1871 – October: New York, North America (Dwight L Moody)

4. Early Twentieth Century Revivals: Worldwide Revivals
1901 – January: Topeka, Kansas, North America (Charles Parham)
1904 – October: Loughor, Wales (Evan Roberts)
1905 – June: Mukti, India (Pandita Ramabai)
1905 – October: Dohnavur, South India (Amy Carmichael)
1906 – March: Assam, North East India
1906 – April: Los Angeles, North America (William Seymour)
1907 – January: Pyongyang, Korea
1908 – China (Jonathan Goforth)
1909 – July: Valparaiso, Chile (Willis Hoover)
1914 – Belgian Congo, Africa (Charles T Studd)
1915 – October: Gazaland, South Africa (Rees Howells)
1921 – March: Lowestroft, England (Douglas Brown)
1927 – February: Shanghai, China (John Sung)
1936 – June: Gahini, Rwanda

5. Mid-twentieth Century Revivals: Healing Evangelism Revivals
1946 – June: North America (Healing Evangelists)
1948 – February: Saskatchewan, Canada (Sharon Schools)
1949 – October: Hebrides Islands, Scotland (Duncan Campbell)
1951 – June: City Bell, Argentina (Edward Miller)
1954 – April: Nagaland, India (Rikum)
1960 – April: Van Nuys, North America (Dennis Bennett)
1960 – May: Darjeeling, India (David Mangratee)
1962 – August: Santo, Vanuatu (Paul Grant)
1965 – September: Soe, Timor (Nahor Leo)
1967 – February: Pittsburgh (Catholic Charismatic Renewal)

1968 – July: Brisbane, Australia (Clark Taylor)
1970 – February: Wilmore, Kentucky (Asbury College)
1970 – July: Solomon Islands (Muri Thompson)
1971 – October: Saskatoon, Canada (Bill McLeod)
1973 – September: Enga District, Papua New Guinea
1973 – September: Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Todd Burke)

6. Late Twentieth Century Revivals: Renewal and Revival
1974 – North America (Benny Hinn)
1975 – April: Gaberone, Botswana (Reinhard Bonnke)
1979 – March: Elcho Island, Australia (Djiniyini Gondarra)
1979 – June: Port Elizabeth, South Africa (Rodney Howard-Browne)
1980 – May: Anaheim, North America (John Wimber)
1984 – June: Brugam, Papua New Guinea (Ray Overend)
1987 – November: Bougainville (Ezekiel Opet)
1988 – March: North Solomon Islands District, Papua New Guinea (Jobson Misang)
1988 – August: Kambaidam, Papua New Guinea (Johan van Brugen)
1988 – Madruga, Cuba
1989 – Henan and Anhul, China

7. Final Decade, Twentieth Century Revivals: Blessing Revivals
1992 – Buenos Aires, Argentina (Claudio Freidzon)
1993 – May: Brisbane, Australia (Neil Miers)
1993 – November: Boston, North America (Mona Johnian)
1994 – January: Toronto, Canada (John Arnott)
1994 – May: London, England (Eleanor Mumford)
1994 – August: Sunderland, England (Ken Gott)
1994 – November: Mt Annan, Sydney, Australia (Adrian Gray)
1994 – November: Randwick, Sydney, Australia (Greg Beech)
1995 – January: Melbourne, Florida, North America (Randy Clark)
1995 – January: Modesto, California, North America (Glen Berteau)
1995 – January: Pasadena, California, North America (Che Ahn)
1995 – January: Brownwood, Texas, North America (College Revivals)
1995 – June: Pensacola, Florida, North America (Steve Hill)
1995 – October: Mexico (David Hogan)
1996 – March: Smithton, Missouri, North America (Steve Gray)
1996 – April: Hampton, Virginia, North America (Ron Johnson)
1996 – September: Mobile, Alabama, North America (Cecil Turner)
1996 – October: Houston, Texas, North America (Richard Heard)
1997 – January: Baltimore, Maryland, North America (Bart Pierce)
1997 – November: Pilbara, Australia (Craig Siggins)
1998 – August: Kimberleys, Australia (Max Wiltshire)
1999 – July: Mornington Island, Australia (Jesse Padayache)

8. Twenty First Century Revivals: Transforming Revivals
Snapshots of Glory:
Mizoram, Almolonga, Nigeria, Hemet, Cali
Global Phenomona:
Kenya, Brazil, Argentina
Transforming Revivals in the South Pacific:
Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji



Australia – Pentecost in Arnhem Land (Djiniyini Gondarra)
Australia – Fire of God among Aborigines (John Blacket)
Australia – Pilgrimage in Renewal (John-Charles Vockler)
Australia – Young Christians sharing Good News on the streets in Brisbane
Australia & South Pacific – Healing Evangelism (Geoff Waugh)

South Pacific – Bougainville Revival (Royree Jensen)
South Pacific –
Acts 3 acted out in faith in PNG (Johan van Bruggen)

South Pacific – Vanuatu Revival Meetings (Geoff Waugh)

South Pacific – 21st Century Revivals in the South Pacific (Geoff Waugh)
Indonesia – Mel Tari on the Timor Revival

Asia’s Maturing Church, by David Wang.
China – The Spirit told us what to do (Carl Lawrence)
China – Revival in China (Dennis Balcombe)
China – House Churches, (Barbara Nield)
China – New Wave of Revival
China – Chinese turning to Christianity
China – Revival Breaks Out in China’s Government Approved Churches

Nepal – Revival Meetings (Raju Sundas)
India – One Touch from Jesus
Russia – Speaking God’s Word (David Yonggi Cho)

UK – Alpha in Prison
Europe – Seven Signs of Hope (Jeff Fountain)
Europe – Two Unlikely People in Rome

North America – Jesus People Revival
North America – Pensacola Revival (Michael Brown)
North America – Baltimore Revival (Elizabeth Moll Stalcup)
North America – Mobile Revival (Joel Kilpatrick)

North America – Smithton Revival (Joel Kilpatrick)

North America – Gangsters in the Doorway (Robby Dawkins)
North America – Interrupted by God (Robby Dawkins)
North America – 20th Anniversary – Toronto Blessing (Randy Clark)

Mexico – The River of God (David Hogan)
Mexico – Transformation in Juarez, Mexico
Central America – Missions at the Margins (Bob Ekblad)

South America – Snapshots of Glory (George Otis Jr)
South America – Revival Impacted Bolivia (Ruth Ruibal)

South America – Brazil: Transformation through Prayer (George Otis Jr.)
South America – Christian Light is filling Columbia’s Spiritual Black Hole
South America – Cali Transformation (George Otis Jr.)
South America – Almolonga, the Miracle City (Mell Winger)
South America – Prison Revival in Argentina (Ed Silvoso)
South America – Argentina Revival (Guido Kuwas)
South America – Bogotá Revival (Guido Kuwas)
South America – Revival Impacted Bolivia (Ruth Ruibal)
South America – Brazil: Transformation through Prayer (Inger Logelin)

Israel – Jews finding Jesus in Israel (God Reports)
Middle East – Many Muslims are Turning to Christ

Arabia – Sheiks import Bibles
Egypt – Miracles in Garbage City, Cairo (Joel News)
Egypt – Thousands gather

Africa – Reinhard Bonnke’s beginnings
Africa – “This Disco is a church” (Reinhard Bonnke)
Africa – Congo: Before they call I will answer (Helen Roseveare)
Africa – Mozambique: The Primacy of Love (Heidi Baker)

Africa – Ghana: He woke up totally healed (Daniel Kolenda)
Africa – Ghana Miracles (Geoff Waugh)
Africa – Kenya Mission (Geoff Waugh)

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